Bruehawk is a NWN server hosting a module set in the world of Mel'heron.

Born of elements, Mel'heron is a world of fantasy and magic. Here is where many seek fame and fortune. Peace has rarely reigned throughout the world of Mel'heron, or even Saphage for that matter. Little is known of a new threat that is growing slowly, patiently.

The current setting is on the isle of Saphage, in a small shipping town called Treegum, north of Eveningfall and at the base of the Savage Peaks. It lies far from the Pearl of Saphage, the City of Cadbridge, and the remnants of the imperial hold over Saphage.

Current plot: The great Vadriyan Empire has just been dealt a shattering blow — Emperor Wravain has died, and many have claimed the throne, further loosening the ties that bound the Vadriyan Empire together. An imposter managed to claim the throne, however, there lies have unfolded in an untimely manner.

Server information Edit

  • Requires Community Expansion Pack 2.1, but no other hak paks.
  • Over 300 areas are in the module so that players can begin an adventure of a lifetime.
  • The world has an intriguing history.
  • Player-run guilds are allowed and encouraged.
  • Friendly and active DMs pop in periodically to surprise players.
  • There is a custom pantheon of twenty-four deities. The majority are enriched.
  • There are six custom races that are only allowed after a DM has given approval.
  • Server no longer online (at least publicly)

Connection info Edit

Server name: Bruehawks

Listed type: Roleplay

World: Mel'heron

External link Edit

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