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Animal bear brown

Large and strong, brown bears are feared by many. Never to be underestimated for the unwary can lose a head beneath the claws of one of these powerful animals. This massive carnivore is a powerful ally with many hit points and deadly attacks.

Statistics Edit

Race: animal
Alignment: true neutral
Armor class: 15
Hit points: 25 to 366
Attack bonus: +2 to +41/+36/+31
at level 1: 1d8+3 / 1d8+3 / 2d8+3 (claw/claw/bite creature weapons)
at level 40: 2d12+17 / 2d12+17 / 2d20+17 (claw/claw/bite creature weapons)

Hit dice (level): 1 to 40
Challenge rating: 2 to 26

  fortitude 5 to 25
reflex 3 to 23
will 1 to 17

Size: large

  strength 16 to 35
dexterity 13
constitution 17
intelligence 3
wisdom 12
charisma 6

Trained skills:(‡) listen 4 (plus ability modifier)
Feats: weapon proficiency (creature), toughness (at level 25)

Blueprint:(‡) nw_ac_bear01 to nw_ac_bear40

Special abilities Edit

A brown bear animal companion's natural attacks (claws and bite) increase in base damage and enhancement bonus as levels are gained.

1 1d8/1d8/2d8  
8 2d6/2d6/2d10  
21 2d6/2d6/2d10 +1
25 2d8/2d8/2d12 +2
30 2d8/2d8/2d12 +3
35 2d10/2d10/3d12 +4
40 2d12/2d12/2d20 +5


  • The brown bear animal companion's strength increases rapidly, but only in the pre-epic levels. Specifically, strength increases by one for each level obtained up to level 20, then does not increase after that.
  • This animal companion's skills do not improve as level increases.

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