A blessed bolt (or any weapon with this item property) will instantly kill any rakshasa it hits. There is no saving throw and no spell resistance, but immunity to death magic applies. This ability is most typically found as an on-hit property resulting from bless or bless weapon being cast on bolts.

For the purpose of this ability, a rakshasa is any creature with one of the four standard rakshasa appearances (bear, wolf, tiger male, and tiger female) or with the case-sensitive word "Rakshasa" as part of its subrace. The former happens to include celestial avengers and hound archons, while the latter allows rakshasas to be disguised via an illusion.

This ability can only be used if cast from an item. As a result, due to a quirk of the game, this property will not function for the last item in a stack as the stack will be destroyed before a ranged attack hits. (Hence the script will not be able to detect the item that invoked this ability.)

Custom content notes Edit

  • script: X2_S3_SlayRaks

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