Blacklake is the northeastern quadrant of the city of Neverwinter and the home to most of the city's nobility. Between the nobles' houses and the city core is the portion of the district where the servants to the nobles dwell. Named locations that feature in the original campaign are the Hodge estate, the Rumbottom estate, the Board Laid Bare (a tavern), the Neverwinter Zoo, and Meladanen's estate.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


When the PC arrives, the nobles of Blacklake are arguing about Meldanen. He captures people to do his experiments. In truth, he does it because he found a dryad - one of Waterdhavian creatures.

The sevants' area are inhabited by plague victims which, now, they attack anyone, including the PC. They have some sort of a leader named Loxar. Defeating him and bringing head to a man named Cendran will grant PC some experience and points towards good.

The PC can fight in the basement of the Board Laid Bare tavern if they talked to Graxx, the mercenary of the Trade of Blades. When fighting against all 4 opponents, the PC will be granted an amulet, symbolizing him/her as the tavern's owner.

The Hodge estate is filled with many traps. Ophala of the Moonstone Mask tavern wants the PC to get one of her art things.

The Rumbottom estate is heavily guarded and Ophala wants the PC to get a portrait for her.

The zoo can be shut down - Nyatar, near the Great Tree, near the Tyr's temple wants you to free the animals. defeat the guards, pull the lever, transform a tree in the zoo's grove into a portal, speak to these animals and set them free.

Meldanen's estate is heavily guarded, with Meldanen's apprentices, guards and monsters. There are two ways to enter his estate:

  • Speak to Orrean, the gate guard and convince him to open the door.
  • Speak to Milly and persuade her to give you her key to her house - she has a portal leadins to Meldanen's estate.


  • The PC can encounter in Meldanen's estate the Fire Beetles or Stag Beetles and Meldanen's guards or his elite druids.
  • In the eastern part there is another Wizard's lab.
  • In the south-western part there is a house. Inside it is a woman. Near her is a bookcase. The PC must speak word Haluleth to gain entrance. The PC encounters some undead. There is a door with a chest. Place the ceremonial arrow in it. The next location is Haluleth Never's tomb with some hostile greatswords. They are tough and can cause a lot of damage, so take Haluleth Never's armor and leave the area.

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