Battledale was a persistent world roleplay server set in the Dalelands region of the Forgotten Realms. The original incarnation of Battledale was online for several years, and this module was replaced in Spring 2005 with a remake, called Battledale II: Thiriun's Legacy, taking advantage of CEP content and a number of custom systems including crafting, equipment enchanting, wholesale trading, racial & regional languages, and special lore. Following a spate of downtime culminating in hardware failure, the Battledale II DM team announced the closure of the server in June 2006.

Battledale DMs were active across a number of timezones running various long plots as well as small quests for players (being both on-the-fly happenings and scheduled events), as well as enhancing the server with content such as scripted dungeons.

Setting Edit

Battledale II takes place in the year 1379 DR, building on the events that took place in the previous module. Players begin in the town of Brighthaven which was liberated from Zhentarim occupation five years before and continues to rebuild itself physically, economically, and politically. There are several other settlements throughout the region that players can visit, including Pilgrim's Rest – the starting area from the original Battledale module – as well as the fortress of a local militia, an elven camp, and a small "frontier" village guarded by a mysterious archmage.

All around is the ancient forest of Cormanthor where lost shrines and ancient tombs abound alongside the more typical dens of vermin and monsters, offering adventurers a number of challenges and ways to make a name for themselves.

Rules Edit

Battledale II was a roleplay server. This means that players were expected to remain in character at all times. There were also a number of rules in place to ensure fair play, as well as to keep the server atmosphere "down to earth". Characters were free to take prestige classes when they met the class requirements; however, certain prestige classes had been disabled because they did not fit to the setting.

Comprehensive information regarding rules, standards, and disabled Prestige classes can be found at the Battledale website.

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