Construct horror battle

Battle horrors are magically animated suits of empty armor. They have a greater array of magic powers than do their lesser kin, helmed horrors.

Statistics Edit

Race: construct
Alignment: true neutral
Armor class: 19
Hit points: 71
Attack bonus: +15/+10
Damage: 2d6+10 slashing damage + 3 fire damage (greatsword +1)
Disarmed: 1d3+5 bludgeoning damage (unarmed strike)

Hit dice (level): 13
Challenge rating: 13

  fortitude 4
reflex 5
will 7

Size: medium

  strength 20
dexterity 13
constitution 10
intelligence 10
wisdom 16
charisma 12

Trained skills:(‡) none
Feats: armor proficiency (heavy), cleave, darkvision, power attack, weapon proficiency (creature), weapon proficiency (martial), weapon specialization (greatsword)

Blueprint:(‡) nw_bathorror
Standard loot: full plate

Special abilities Edit

A battle horror has the usual construct immunities to critical hits, death magic, disease, level drain, ability drain, mind-affecting spells, paralysis, poison, and sneak attacks. It also has immunity to the specific spells confusion and flame arrow. (The spell immunities might be bugged as it also has immunity to two invalid spells.) In addition, this creature has permanent true seeing.

Notes Edit

  • Despite this creature's description, it does not possess an array of magical powers. It is merely stronger than helmed horrors, with a few additional feats.

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