This article is about the creature; for the shifter shape, see Greater wildshape III.
Beast basilisk

The basilisk is a reptilian monster that is justly feared for its ability to petrify living creatures with a mere glance. Basilisks are omnivorous and able to consume their petrified victims. A basilisk usually has a dull brown body with a yellowish underbelly. A single row of bony spines lines its back, and some specimens sport a short, curved horn atop the nose. The creature's most distinctive feature is its eyes, which glow with an eerie, pale green incandescence.

Statistics Edit

Race: magical beast
Alignment: true neutral
Armor class: 16
Hit points: 45
Attack bonus: +8/+3
Damage: d8+2 slashing damage (creature weapon)

Hit dice (level): 6
Challenge rating: 5

  fortitude 9
reflex 4
will 3

Size: medium

Trained skills:(‡) hide (3), listen (9), spot (9)
Feats: alertness, great fortitude, weapon proficiency (creature), weapon proficiency (simple)

Blueprint:(‡) x0_basilisk
Craft drop: leather hide

Special abilities Edit

A basilisk can use its petrification gaze seven times per day.

This creature has a slow movement rate.

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