Outsider demon

With their flaming wings and skull-like countenance, balor lords are among the greatest and most feared of their kind.

Statistics Edit

Race: outsider
Alignment: chaotic evil
Armor class: 30
Hit points: 110
Attack bonus: +20/+15/+10
Damage: 1d10+9 (bastard sword +1)

Hit dice (level): 13
Challenge rating: 16

  fortitude 12
reflex 9
will 13

Size: large

  strength 25
dexterity 13
constitution 19
intelligence 20
wisdom 20
charisma 16
Spell resistance: 28
Damage immunity
  electrical 100%
Damage resistance
  acid 20/-
  cold 20/-
  fire 20/-
Damage reduction: 30/+3

Trained skills:(‡) concentration (23), hide (14), listen (33), lore (14), move silently (14), search (25), spellcraft (26), spot (34)
Feats: cleave, darkvision, weapon proficiency (creature), weapon proficiency (exotic), weapon proficiency (martial)

Blueprint:(‡) nw_balorboss

Special abilities Edit

A balor lord is immune to poison.

The weapon used by this creature is vorpal with a DC of 14. This creature can use several spell-like abilities with a caster level of 15. The abilities usable five times per day are aura versus alignment, darkness, fear, greater dispelling, and wall of fire. The abilities usable once per day are fire storm and implosion. In addition, this creature can summon tanarri four times per day.

When killed, a balor lord explodes, dealing 50 fire damage to all creatures (and doors) in a huge (6.67 meter radius) area. Spell resistance applies, but the details of the check match the last spell the balor lord cast, not this explosion. (In particular, if the last spell was summon tanarri, then resisting the explosion is automatic; if the balor lord died before casting any spell then the explosion cannot be resisted.) Victims are allowed a reflex saving throw (DC can range from 14 to 22 depending on the last spell) for half damage. (This is identified as a fireball spell in the OnSpellCastAt event.)

Notes Edit

  • This creature has a creature weapon dealing 1d6+7 bludgeoning damage and inflicting fear on-hit, but this is never used as this creature cannot be disarmed.
  • A balor lord is considered a "boss" monster, but it is not much different from a regular balor.
  • This creature's tag is (possibly unintentionally) not the same as its ResRef in all caps. Instead it is "NW_DEMON" (the same as a regular balor).

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