Avermere is a persistent world that has been around for many years but only recently was restarted. There are several subraces and the server is heavily leaned towards group encounters and roleplay (RP) is encouraged and rewarded as much as possible (although it is not required). Avermere is its own custom world with some borrowed mythology from Forgotten Realms.

Avermere in its new reincarnation has become part of the Neverwinter Vault Hall of Fame.


Avermere was originally based off the popular Nordock game world and edited to become its own world with its own story. The original Avermere was ran by Beowulf with a talented team of DMs and developers. After a few years trouble hit the server and after swapping hands it was taken down for a new module and the population split among other servers. But in 2008, Sigil manged to get hold of the module from an old development team member, Choirmaster, and hosted the server anew with continual updates, changes and fixes. This is the Avermere we play and love today.


  • CEP 2 content
  • Constant updates and bug fixes.
  • Custom dynamic loot system
  • Custom spell changes and balancing
  • 1.67 BioWare content
  • Player controlled updates, events and features.

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Connection information
Direct connect:
Server name: Avermere
Module name: Avermere087I
Password required: no
Required hakpaks: CEP2
Required game version: 1.69
Player information
GameSpy category: PW Story
Primary game type(s): roleplaying and group adventure
Treasure/magic level: medium to high
Levels played: 1-60
Maximum players: 32
Vault type: server vault
Enforce legal characters: no
Item level restrictions: no
Player vs. player: allowed for an RP reason
Server information
Server admin/owner: Sigil
Server OS: Windows XP
DM timezone(s): GMT +8 (West Australia)
Primary language: English
Web site:

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