Dwarf male02

An abandoned polymorph, intended to be a mithral golem.

Statistics Edit

Race: half-elf
AC bonus: +10 dodge bonus
Druid/shifter merge: none
Bonus hit points: +30
Size: large
Weapon: unarmed strike

dexterity 22
constitution 30

Extra feats: none

Notes Edit

This polymorph is unfinished and abandoned. It has a mithral golem appearance, but a typographical error in polymorph.2da has shifted most of its relevant entries one field to the right causing nonsensical statistics and nonfunctional attributes. If the shift were reversed, the golem would use the skin by resref "X2_MECH_HIDE", an item that was never defined, and it would have a creature weapon whose base damage is 2d10 bludgeoning damage.

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