Alignment restrictions: none

Hit die: d8

Proficiencies: armor (light. medium), weapons (martial, simple)

Skill points: 3 + intelligence modifier

Skills: concentration, craft armor, craft weapon, discipline, heal, hide, intimidate, jump, lore, spot

Primary saving throw(s): fortitude

Special abilities & featsEdit

  • Note: "Bow +x" indicates that at the specified level, the archer gains x to attack rolls when wielding any kind of bow.

Epic archerEdit

Skill points: 3 + intelligence modifier

Bonus feats: n

Special: Every 5 levels the bow bonus increases by +1.

Epic bonus feats: armor skin, blinding speed, devastating critical (ranged weapon), epic toughness, epic weapon focus (ranged weapon), epic prowess, great dexterity, overwhelming critical (ranged weapon), superior initiative


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