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Description: The Anti-paladin is a loner, she eschews prolonged contact with all forms of society and companionship except on a temporary basis as her desires, needs.

Alignment restriction: chaotic evil only

Hit die: d10

Proficiencies: armor (light, medium, heavy), shields, weapons (martial, simple)

Skill points: 2 + intelligence modifier

Skills: bluff, concentration, craft armor, craft trap, craft weapon, discipline, hide, intimidate, jump, parry

Primary saving throw(s): fortitude

Special abilities & featsEdit

  • Level 1 smite good (1x/day)
  • Level 2 divine grace
  • Level 3 aura of fear, death knell (1x/day)
  • Level 4 turn outsider
  • Level 5 smite good (2x/day)
  • Level 6 contagion (1x/day)
  • Level 8 death knell (2x/day)
  • Level 9 contagion (2x/day)
  • Level 10 smite good (3x/day)
  • Level 12 contagion (3x/day)
  • Level 13 death knell (3x/day)
  • Level 15 smite good (4x/day), contagion (4x/day)
  • Level 18 contagion (5x/day), death knell (4x/day)
  • Level 20 smite good (5x/day)


Epic anti-paladinEdit


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