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Port City is a major port for the northern region of the persistent world Annakolia. It is also the seat of power for the loosely held Kingdom of Annakolia, as King Tarrach Alfson and Queen Fina ingen Aeda maintain a home in the Castle District.

Before they ascended to the thrown, Tarrach and Fina fought side-by-side in the last great war against the giants. Fina's father, King Cariadoc died on the field of battle. On his deathbed he passed rule of the Kingdom to Fina and Tarrach, thus passing over Fina's older brother, Prince Emrys. The Prince lives incognito, under self-imposed exile. Most recently he was spotted in Zenois Tower. Authorities in the royal guard are constantly on watch for the Prince’s repeated plots to overthrow Fina and Tarrach.

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