Is anshapes

Caster level: Animal 7, Druid 8
Innate level: 7
School: Transmutation
Descriptors: None
Component(s): V, S
Range: Short
Immunity type: None
Saving throw: None
Spell resistance: No
Area of effect/target: Single
Duration: 1 hour/level

Description: As polymorph other, except the caster polymorphs one willing creature into an animal of his choice, the spell has no effect on unwilling creatures. Recipients remain in the animal form until the spell expires.

Custom spell: This spell is part of the Grimoire and is not part of standard Neverwinter Nights.


This spell will have two entries in the spellbook: Animal Shapes (Normal), and Animal Shapes (Dire). Each spell gives the choices of Badger, Brown Bear, Boar, Panther, or Wolf.

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