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This article is about the creature; for the feat, see Animal companion (feat).

Animal companions are special creatures, with powers typically far beyond those of natural creatures. They are bonded to their ranger and druid owners and are able to assist in combat or scouting. If the creature dies, it will be available to summon again the next day. As a PC gains levels, so will their animal companion. Each time they gain a level in a class with the animal companion feat, they may change the type of companion that accompanies them.

An animal companion can be summoned once per day, but unlike a summon, animal companions are not unsummoned upon resting. They are, on the other hand, unsummoned upon taking a new level (even if not in a class that has an animal companion). Like familiars, an animal companion can be restored to full hit points by talking to it and choosing the option to feed it.

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