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Dragon blue

Blue dragons are vain and territorial. They prefer to hunt on cloudless days, when their blue scales allow them to blend with the open skies.

Statistics Edit

Race: dragon
AC bonus: +20 dodge bonus
Druid/shifter merge: armor
Bonus hit points: +100
Size: huge
Weapon: 2d8 +6 piercing-slashing damage (creature weapon +6)
Weapon2: 2d8 +6 piercing-slashing damage (creature weapon +6)
Weapon3: 2d8 slashing damage (creature weapon)
Spells: lightning dragon breath

  strength 48
dexterity 36
constitution 32

Spell resistance: 20

Damage immunity
  electrical 100%
Damage reduction: 40/+6

Extra feats: none

Special abilities Edit

An ancient blue dragon has true seeing and is immune to paralysis, mind-affecting spells, and sneak attack.

Notes Edit

This polymorph is used by the feat dragon shape.

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