Anchordeep is a Persistant Role Play server with a PVP Aspect. It is currently in its 3rd "Generation" since its creation, and hosts more then 1000 registered players.

The Setting Edit

Anchordeep is the Hub city of Endrais, a continental Archipelago. It is a large city of trade that is ruled by the Council of Cowled Wizards. It is a city were all of the goodly races of the world come together and formed the most powerful and succesful city on the continent.

800 Years ago two seperate groups of people left Anchordeep to seek their fortunes elsewhere in the world. Humans, Dwarves, and Gnomes travelled Northward to form the fortress city of Algorin. The Elves travelled to the south into the Asp Forests where they found a small Hin Village, where they agreed to help strengthen the defences against maruading orc tribes, in exchange for a place to live.

1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation
With the war with the Underdark over, the victorious forces of Algorin returned to the surface, and in anger for what they saw as betrayal from Englen, attacked their once allies. The magics of of the Asp awoke to defend itself and Englen from the invading army, and Algorin was repulsed. They returned home where over the next 500 years Algorin experienced drastic changes. The city grew far beyond its original walls, and the population grew until it eventually became a power to rival that of Anchordeep.

Meanwhile Englen remained little changed. The Elves sensing that their continued presence in Englen will only bring future problems sent out scouting parties to locate a new place to live. Eventually they founded Sylvion on the ruins of an ancient Elven city that was found far out into nature, beyond the knowledge of any of those in the Anchordeep region. They left in a mass exodus and rebuilt the ruined city in the image of visions given to them by the Seldarine and eventually created a home where few Elves ever even felt the desire to leave for the next several hundred years. Meanwhile the Hin and Half Elves remained in Englen, living a quiet existance largely forgotten by the rest of the world.

The Monarchy of Algorin, in an attempt to push Algorin to even greater heights, began to facilitate hostilities with Englen. Things quickly approached to open war between the two cities, yet little did either of the powers realize the danger that was presented not by each other, but what was under their feet. For 500 years the powers of the Underdark had been slowly rebuilding themselves. The Orcs, Vampires, and Drow slowly replenished their numbers and prepared to once again make war with the surface which would prove easy prey with the conflicts they already fought.


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