The world of Amon is a project run by Craig Suter for several years now. The persistent world has expanded and expanded over time and now includes literally hundres of areas with a main story line connecting all quests.

The main story is based on the pencil-and-paper campaign Amon by Craig Suter. Background information is available at the project's web site. Several other people, mostly DMs, have helped Craig expanding and running his world. The module is not public but everyone is invited to play on the Amon servers.

What to expect Edit

Amon is an action oriented server. That means roleplaying has its presence and DM events are held, but most life on Amon is mainly busy with leveling, camping, and of course exploring the vast and ever expanding areas. Powergaming is not frowned upon.

PvP is only done with player consent and mostly not done at all. The player base is helpful and supportive to newcomers and it is easy to find a party to go with.

One world in three Edit

There are currently three public Amon servers. They all share a common server vault, so it does not matter on which server a character is created. It also means that players can chose the most/least busy server based on personal preference.

External linksEdit

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