The world of Amon is a project created and hosted by Craig Suter for several years, from 2002 until 2009, then again for a few months in 2014. This persistent world had expanded over time to include hundreds of areas with a main story line connecting all quests. In 2015, DM Shoric started hosting the 2009 version of the server, also under the name "Amon".

The main story is based on the pencil-and-paper campaign Amon by Craig Suter. Background information was available at the project's web site. Several other people, mostly DMs, had helped Craig expanding and running his world. The module was released to the public in 2009 on the Neverwinter Vault.

What to expect Edit

Amon is an action oriented server. That means roleplaying has its presence and DM events are held, but most life on Amon is mainly busy with leveling, camping, and of course exploring the vast and ever expanding areas. Powergaming is not frowned upon.

PvP is only done with player consent and mostly not done at all. The player base is helpful and supportive to newcomers and it is easy to find a party to go with.

Hosting Edit

The first Amon hosting consisted of three servers sharing a common server vault. This allowed players to choose their preference for the most or least busy server, while having the same characters available on each.

The current hosting consists of both a patch 1.69 server and an EE server (not sharing vaults). The former is listed on NWNList Scry and the latter on Beamdog's NWMaster. As of August 2018, the servers are running on a blade server with 1TB SSD, 70/40 network, 1500 backups, and 32GB RAM.

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