Altharian Adventures is an action server, with a unique world setting. This is a party PvP world that emphasizes the golden rule of conduct, with no additional list of rules due to a belief in personal accountability held by the administrators. Because this is an open community, no hak paks are used, which allows players to try the server easily and freely. This world has consistently evolved because of the player base, not in spite of them. There is present a great deal of customized scripting, which adds a depth to character development that goes beyond the heroic, into the truly epic. Visitors to Altharia are encouraged to record their deeds in the Hall of Heroes.


Some special features of Altharia include:

  • Setting-based character guilds - These are not RP associations, but game-world guilds that have benefits for characters.
  • Custom crafting systems - Several crafting systems have been implemented. From the Guild Armorer to the Journeymen Forges and beyond, players have an exceptional degree of freedom to shape their characters.
  • Character upgrades - The Guardians of Thanar Rivar have returned to Altharia to guide the heroes of the land. They can help a character develop their inner strengths, whether mage, warrior, priest, bard, monk, or naturalist. No longer is a hero defined by his weapon; true power lies within.
  • DM-granted stat gains (also known as wishes) - There are three Ultimate Wishes, Greater Wishes and Regular Wishes. The DM wishes allow a player to advance a character's stats to 50, giving the edge needed to strike hard and true, as only the greatest champions can overcome the challenges of the mighty creatures that dwell in Altharia.
  • Tokens - Tokens are sought-after loot that help with immunities and help a character get a higher JupBoost level.
  • JupBoost - The JupBoost system adds to the sigil damage a character does to a monster. These go up in intervals of 5 tokens, and a character's JupBoost level has a maximum of 100.


  • Altharia is no longer hosted by its creators. A copy of the module has been submitted to the Neverwinter Vault, as a gift to the NWN community.

GameSpy: Altharian Adventures, under "PW Action"

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