Age of Apostle's - The Incarnations of Immortality is an action persistent world that is greatly inspired by the series of the same name by Piers Anthony. In this world, two main deities compete for the souls of departed mortals, separating them by the weight of evil on their souls. Heroes play an epic part in this struggle, depending on their alignment. Player characters will be guided by fate in three aspects, see a world cleansed by war and souls collected by death, and if they meet time they will understand nature's ways.


  • Requirements: The server is set up using the 1.68 patch of Neverwinter Nights, BioWare's Aurora hak paks (optional downloads from patch 1.67), CEP 2, and PRC 3.0f, as well as some custom tileset haks. As such, the module uses all the new content through the 1.68 update, such as the new tilesets, loads of new and customized creatures such as flying dragons, horses, the sahuagin, sharks, parrots, seagulls, zebras, etc. A custom XP script encourages partying, and there is a custom respawning/teleporting/port to leader script, as well as quick-resting.
    • Now included is a builders' pack for those willing to contribute something from the Toolset, and there are two self-installers for the needed haks.
  • Number of players: 40
  • Vault type: server
  • Connection: cable
  • IPs:
  • DM needed: no DM required


  • Setting: BioWare's Sea Caves, BioWare's Tropics, Jungle, Aztec, Brick City, Desert mines/city/rural, Rocky Mountains, Mountains, Dwarven Halls, BioWare's Raise/Lower Dungeons, Swamps, Deadlands, Winter City, Underwater, and much more.
  • House rules: The server is open to a wide variety of playing styles, but players must be mindful that there may be children playing.
  • PvP: mixed
  • Magic level: moderate
  • Races: To play a subrace, an appropriate .bic file made with the PRC Character Creator must be sent to the server admins.
  • Classes: All classes from BioWare and PRC 3.0f are allowed.
  • Treasure: moderate
  • Experience rewards: moderate
  • Death: bleeding to -10 hp
  • Hack & slash: medium
  • Tricks & traps: medium
  • Content guide: teen


NWNVault- Gameworlds Site:


Needed information, hakpaks, etc. can be found at the above two sites.

Teamspeak Server: Welcome To Apostle's Of Damnocracy ~AOD~ Ip :

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