Adding journal entries is simple and can be done in any scripting node. The Script command is AddJournalQuestEntry() which can be added to any script or used in a script you create. To add Multiple journal entries you would simply have multiple AddJournalQuestEntry() lines in the script.

Example Edit

Here is an example on how to add Journal entries when a PC enters the Module. Note that there is not a check to see if the PC already has this entry. It is really not needed as the entry will not add a second time if the PC already has it.

void main()
    object oPC = GetEnteringObject();

In the script, replace "Quest_1" and "Quest_2" with the name(s) of your Journal entries (include the quotes). The Number 10 is the Entry ID number. Change that to which ID of the Entry you want the PC to have. You can include as many AddJournalQuestEntry()'s as you need.

There is a bit more to that command. I suggest looking it over in the Lexicon. The script above can be modified to override any older quest entries and the script applied to a trigger or conversation.

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