"Unique power" redirects here. For the on-hit property, see Unique power (on hit).

Activate item (or unique power) is a cast spell item property that serves as a generic placeholder for powers not otherwise defined in the game. It is commonly used for singular items whose primary purpose is activation (such as the stone of recall in the original campaign), but it can also be used for whatever purpose a builder wants. (Some persistent worlds will use this property instead of defining a new one since defining new properties requires players to download a hak pak and talk table before playing there.) Thus the details of what this property does are completely dependent upon the module being played.

There are several variants on this power, differing in range and target types.

Activate Item: personal range, plus items can be targeted
Activate Item (Long Range): long (40 meters) range
Activate Item (Touch Range): touch range
Manipulate Portal Stone: personal range
Unique Power: short (8 meters) range
Unique Power Self Only: personal range

Custom content notes Edit

  • This power triggers the module's OnActivateItem event. Defining what this power does can be accomplished either by editing the script for this event for each item, or by enabling tag-based scripting and having a separate script for each item.
  • The "manipulate portal stone" variant sets a local integer named "NW_L_PORTALINSTANT" on the user to 10, in addition to triggering the OnActivateItem event.
  • script: NW_S3_ActItem01 (usual script)
  • script: X0_S3_Portal (for the portal)

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