The ActivatePortal() NWScript command tries to send a player character to a new server. That is, it is used to create a server portal.

Definition Edit

void ActivatePortal (object oTarget, string sIPaddress="",
string sPassword="", string sWaypointTag="",
int bSeemless=FALSE)

object oTarget 
The player character object that will be sent.
string sIPaddress 
The address of the server to which the player will be sent. This can be numerical, as in "", or alphanumeric, as in "". It can also contain a port, as in "" or ""; if the port is not specified, it will default to 5121.
string sPassword 
The password for the destination server.
string sWaypointTag 
If this is set, the character will be moved to the waypoint with this tag after the character enters the new server (if such a waypoint exists).
int bSeemless 
If this is set to TRUE, the player will not be prompted with the information window telling them about the server, nor will there be a chance to save a copy of their character (if the player is using a local vault character).

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