The ActionCastFakeSpellAtLocation() NWScript command causes the caller to go through the motions of casting the indicated spell at the indicated location. This entails all aspects of spellcasting other than executing the spell script and consuming a spell slot (in fact, the spell does not even need to be known by the caster) — the casting animations and projectile visuals are enacted, attacks of opportunity may be generated, the casting is recorded in the combat log, etc.

In order to cause a different object (creature or placeable) to cast the fake spell, this command must be assigned via AssignCommand().

Definition Edit

void ActionCastFakeSpellAtLocation (int nSpell, location lTarget,

int nSpell 
A SPELL_* constant (integer) indicating the spell to cast.
location lTarget 
The location at which the spell's visuals will be directed.
int nProjectilePathType 
A PROJECTILE_PATH_TYPE_* constant influencing the spell's projectile visual effect.

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