This article is about things done by a character; for the data type, see Action (NWScript).

An action is a character activity. In Neverwinter Nights, these actions are added to the action queue, which is stored on each creature. Most new actions — such as drinking a potion, using a feat, or casting a spell — will add to this queue, while some actions — such as moving — will clear the current queue and execute immediately.

Actions are typically executed once every round, and take two to four seconds to perform, except when under the influence of haste. If many actions are queued, the character will not be flat-footed between actions, but will otherwise stand still while waiting for the required round to elapse. However, a character may move in the gap between actions without affecting his/her ability to act when the round has elapsed.

Notably, potions are an exception to this rule, being able to be used roughly every three seconds.

The attack action is also an exception to this rule; all attacks are divided between three flurries per round. Like other actions, a character can move during any empty flurries without affecting when the next attack may be used. However, an attack action that follows any other action will cause the character to wait for a new round to begin attacking, just as any other action would.

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