Ife x2ddbreath

Range: touch
Save: reflex 1/2
Spell resistance: no
Area of effect: 14 meter cone
Duration: instantaneous

Description: The dragon breathes acid dealing damage based on the dragon's age.

Notes Edit

  • The "dragon's age" is determined by the number of hit dice (a.k.a. character level) of the creature activating the dragon breath.
  • Damage is rolled only once, not once per target.
  • The damage and saving throw DC are given in the following chart.
Hit dice Age Damage dealt Breath DC
6 or less wyrmling2d413
7 to 9 very young4d414
10 to 12 young6d417
13 to 15 juvenile8d418
16 to 18 young adult10d422
19 to 21 adult12d423
22 to 24 mature adult14d426
25 to 27 old16d427
28 to 30 very old18d430
31 to 33 ancient20d431
34 to 36 wyrm22d434
37 or higher great wyrm24d436

Custom content notes Edit

  • script: NW_S1_dragacid

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