A Song of Ice and Fire - Westeros is a persistent world based on the bestselling series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin, set during the chaotic time immediately following events of the novel The Storm of Swords. It is intended to be a heavily roleplay-oriented environment and is currently in the planning phase for a Neverwinter Nights release, with development on hold for Neverwinter Nights 2. The development team is currently looking for a server host, a custom content maker, and coders.

Server ratingEdit

Westeros will be rated R, for graphic descriptive violence, in-character adult language, sexual implications, and elements of horror. Do not confuse Westeros for a social or MA/AO server. George Martin's world is a dark and treacherous one, and the staff has every intention of bringing that world to life as faithfully as possible. The R Rating was chosen to give more freedom to reflect that world.


  • Low magic setting
  • Nobility system, allowing a player to rise from the lowest social strata to the highest, possibly back to the lowest, based on their actions.
  • Player-run factions
  • Story is paramount: For every action there is a reaction. You will have an impact on the world.
  • Custom classes, feats and skills.
  • Custom permadeath settings.

Development teamEdit

  • Diwall
  • Dorcha UrSonn
  • Celandril
  • Ingtar33 (project coordinator)
  • JCSeer (administrator)
  • Luceus
  • MrWakka
  • SinisterOkami
  • SnowWolf
  • Urban Underto former project lead

Dedicated buildersEdit

  • Colwyn
  • Drake

External linkEdit


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