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A Carpathian Nightmare (ACN) is a unique action persistent world, filled with PvP play. Themed with an undead feel, ACN has a proud history of not only challenging PvE play, but also ongoing guild wars. It does not require any particular hak pak.

The gameworld boasts 170+ areas to explore, mainly with a hak-and-slash feel to keep the action up. A Carpathian Nightmare also has quest areas for those that want to do something other than slaughter PCs and NPCs. The death penalty is largely ameliorated as there is a fifteen minute timer during which a PC has a chance to earn back lost gold and experience points.

As of 3/1/2016 the server is still up and is active with regular updates

ACN's direct connect IP:
GameSpy: action
Server name: 0
Module name: A Carpathian Nightmare
Vault listing: A carpathian nightmare

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