Ærth is a roleplaying-enforced persistent world server. It is heavily customized, with numerous hak paks, and modifications to classes/spells/feats, etc. in an attempt to make gameplay balanced.


The lead admins of Ærth are Karen and Fastkev, who both offer vast roleplay experience, including such gameworlds as Brynsaar and Ultiaris.

The module was built by Karen, with help from several other builders.

Development and scripting was spearheaded by CrimsonCold and several other scripters.

The server also has an active DM team, who provide game support and events for players. Events take place on a regular basis, with larger events posted on the forums with time and date.

Who is the server for?Edit

The server seeks role players of quality. The server is currently "invite only" until such a time the staff feel it is ready to once again be open. It does require character approval, in the form a written biography of each character to be submitted for approval.

The server is most active among evenings/late nights in the US Eastern/Central timezones.


Players are rewarded with experience points and RP tokens for participating in events, and good roleplay. RP tokens can be exchanged for levels, custom items, player housing, and various out-of-character mechanical requests (e.g. Leto modifications, character re-rolls).


Ærth has an active pantheon of deities. Deities have various spheres of influence. The current pantheon is consists of titans and gods.

How to access?Edit

Server information and haks are available to players after they sign and agree to the rules. More information is available at Visions of Ærth.

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